Analyze in Comparison and Contrast Essay

Learn Different Ways How to Compare and Contrast in Comparison and Contrast Essay

In comparison and contrast essay students have usually to compare two or more things underlining their similarities and differences. While writing this kind of the essay you will develop your critical thinking and the ability to compare and contrast different things. Think thoroughly what you need to do first in order to compose your paper. You may find special essay writing guideline and follow its scheme.

1. There are many interesting topics that involve comparison. That is why think what topic appeals you. Think also what scientific significance it presents. In comparison and contrast essay you may touch different disciplines: history, geography, literature, biology etc. If you like history, you may compare two prominent historical personalities or two different epochs. Say what was positive and negative in their politics.

If you like watching movies, you may use two films for the comparison. There are also different styles in music which may be compared in your essay. If you travel a lot and posses a good knowledge of geography discipline, you may compare the climate, population, infrastructure, cultures etc. of different countries. If you are a book worm, you may demonstrate your knowledge of literature in your essay. Choose two poets or two literary works for your essay. You may even find two controversial problems in one poem or play and dwell on this topic.

2. Before you start to contrast or compare the issues you should read a lot of literature on the topic. Try to find some solid arguments and examples that will demonstrate the similar and contrast features of the research subjects.

3. You may also use different techniques for making the comparison. For example, you may draw Venn diagram. This diagram consists of circles that intersect. Write the similar features in the intersecting space. And in place that is not crossing write the contrast features. You may also make a chart and in its boxes write down the similarities and contrasts of the subject according to this or that criteria. With the help of this chart you may clearly see what you have discovered. Also, provide examples near each characteristic. Under the chart write the explanation. Point out why the features of the selected two subjects are opposed. Think what this classification may influence, what scientific value it presents.

4. Decide also what contrasted features are more or less important. For instance, you decided to make the comparison of two characters of some play and your aim is to investigate the characters as personalities. Then you should pay more attention to their inner world characteristics than to their physical similarities or differences.

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