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Find Unique and Interesting Classification Essay Topics

Classification essay is usually supposed to teach the students to classify the issue or issues into groups or sub-groups, categories etc. To write a successful classification essay you should choose interesting topic among the classification essay topics.

To write a good essay, you should elaborate the common principles of classification. In your essay, classify the subjects according to their similar characteristics and features. Choose a certain classification principle for your paper.

Some students wonder where they can find good classification essay topics. There are several ways in finding good topics for your paper:

1. Ask your instructor to define the topic for your paper or provide you with essay examples.
2. Visit the sites which advise the list of good classification topics. Here you may also find a lot of worthy examples of classification essay.

Classification essay may be dedicated to any science or discipline. That is why think what science you want to deal with in your paper. If you are asked to write classification essay in biology, so you may classify the representatives of flora or fauna (different animals, birds, plants, herbs etc.). If you attend courses in linguistics and you are assigned to write the essay in linguistics, so you may classify different linguistic phenomena or notions. For example, you may classify the system of vowels and consonants in different languages. If you like history, so you may classify different historical inventions, historical events or personalities. If you are fond of sociology so you may classify in your essay the countries that allow lesbian marriages. In your paper you may also evaluate prestigious educational establishments in different countries.

Finding a good topic for you essay is just the first step in writing the essay. That is why think also how you will present your essay topic. While writing your essay pay attention to such facts:

1. Use Active voice instead of Passive. Active voice is simple to understand. It makes clear sense to the readers what you wanted to say in this or that sentence. Remember that ungrammatical and awkward sentences only confuse the readers and distract them from the main points of your essay.

2. Do not use wrong punctuations. For example, if you want to connect two short sentences into a longer one, so you should use a semi-colon. Comma can never stand for this purpose.

3. Try to avoid the usage of broad-meaning adjectives such as bad, good, nice etc.

Divide your paper into introductory part, main body, and conclusion. Pay attention to the concluding part. It should be the inference of all the findings and researches that you have done. In the concluding part you should prove to the readers that the motive of the whole essay was not vain. Underline again what you have found out in your paper and make summary basing on your findings. In the concluding paragraph you should turn to the thesis statement and answer the kea research question.

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