Make Use of Narrative Essay Prompts Sample

Narrative Essay Prompts Sample Can Help You in Writing Narrative Essay

It is rather interesting to write such kind of paper as narrative essay. With the help of narrative essay prompts, you may write about different events or situations. It requires writing about your own experience or the experiences of somebody else. Narrative essay has three main features: they should be clearly explained, they express an idea, include details related to the idea.

When you are going to prepare narrative paper, you may look through some tips:

– Before writing your paper, firstly, think over carefully what experiments you will decide to talk about. You also have to mention the reasons of its importance. Be ready to produce detailed and intriguing situation or event.

– Create an outline of the main items of your paper. Making use of the outline format, you will be following the main items one by one and telling about the most memorable, fascinating and catchy experience you have been through. Do not make your story dull and boring.

– In order to be sure in your affective essay, ask your friend or relatives to read it. It will give a chance to add some details if they are needed or even remake the story.

If you do not have vivid experience from your life and do not know about what you are supposed to write, scan through these narrative essay prompts. They will help you for sure to recollect a significant experience happened in your life:

I. A change in your life. Try to remember a time when something special had happened. It could be a journey to another country, entering the university or making relationship with a loved one.

II. A childhood event. Think about people who helped you or when you did something for the first time.

III. To achieve a goal. Think of a meaningful achievement that did you by yourself. It could be getting a high grade on a difficult subject or making a lot of efforts to pass exams. It might be getting desired job or promotion. Everything that you remember the most.

IV. A mistake. You have to mention a time when you wanted to perform something but you did not. You had no possibility or time.

V. A good or bad deed. Recollect some moments of your life when you stood for yourself or for someone else, when you helped people you love. Generally speaking, compare your good and bad deeds and describe them in your paper.

There is also a list of topics that may remind you a particular incident or situation:

1. Your first day at school or university

2. Your first day at a new job

3. A moment of success

4. The first date

5. A memorable journey

6. Your first time away from home

7. Your wedding or divorce

8. An experience that helped you to grow

9. A traffic accident

10. An event that made you laugh until you cried

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