The Mastery of Critical Essay Writing

What You should Know about Critical Essay!!!

Students are often asked by their professors to write a critical essay which is believed to develop their analytical or critical thinking. Really ability to think critically is of paramount importance in the modern world of a powerful informational torrent. Be it a work of art or some literary masterpiece or just your friend’s drawing you should be able to analyze and produce your own opinion on the issue. Developing skills of critical thinking (through writing critical essays) gives you an important tool of self-expression and individual view which is so important nowadays.

There is nothing difficult about writing a critical essay. This essay format is just the same as of the majority of essays – introduction, body of the essay and conclusion. Critical writing means that you are doing your own evaluation of certain phenomenon by investigating into its every aspect and then expressing your attitude on it.

When, for example, exploring some social phenomenon you start from browsing the literature and collecting all possible information about the issue. You read different authors and note their views, you look at opposing views and try to inspect an object from different angles. Then you proceed with finding evidence to support this or that opinion. Finally, you will have more or less clear picture on the subject.

However, the work with different sources is not restricted to solely collection of facts but their critical appraisal, as critical essays are about analysis, evaluation and attitude. Developing your own ideas and acquiring your own position on the issue is realized in the conclusion section and is actually an overall objective of a critical essay.

On the other hand, these essays heavily stressing on producing your own opinion do not require simple expression of personal feelings and emotions about the subject. That is why expressing your opinion about some matter is no more than your own personal opinion. It is not a critical essay.

Critical essays are based on literature review and are backed up with a bulk of research which makes the reader believe that your position is credible. The negative connotation of criticism does not reveal itself in critical essay format. It is not obligatory to oppose this or that opinion but to review them carefully, explore from different perspectives and make your own conclusion based on the reviewed facts.

The principle objectives of critical essays are as follows:

• View some phenomenon from a different perspective and bring the reader to your own vision of the problem as well as produce some new knowledge;

• develop research skills, ability to support your opinion with evidence;

• construct ability to critically evaluate other persons’ views;

• build skills of logical discussion or presentation of your views;

• Objectivity, consistency and power of argument.

Writing a critical essay is really an enjoyable task as you are to be a careful investigator who constructs his/her new knowledge though reading, analyzing and making conclusions. Here you are both an architect and a builder of your own opinions and ideas which are resulted in a construction of arguments and conclusions. It is really thrilling to acquire new views through writing of critical essays.

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